Jack Has a Plan

The inspirational story of a man who finds joy in life, despite having a terminal brain tumor for 25 years.
73-minute film

Nat Bates for Mayor

The outrageous 2014 mayoral race in the Bay Area’s overlooked oil town.
76-minute film

Stalin’s Forgotten Zion

The Soviet government’s attempt in 1934 to create a socialist Jewish homeland near Siberia.
128-Page Book and Traveling Exhibit

13-City Summer

A summer traveling across America by bus to the 13 lowest-ranked cities in Rand McNally’s Places Rated Almanac.
52 photographs

Writing & Content Strategy

Twenty years of contributing to The New York Times.
Founding and growing content-rich websites to scale.

Mirai: Toyota’s Hydrogen Future

Toyota commissioned this coffee-table book about hydrogen vehicles
91-page book


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