I have been taking photographs, making films, writing articles, building websites, and preparing exhibitions for more than 40 years. The representative projects on this site—not a complete survey—are mostly personal explorations to tell a story or satisfy a curiosity. But I’m also pleased to share work produced on paid assignment or for entrepreneurial goals.

These endeavors have allowed me to travel to far-flung places, spend time with amazing people, and explore unexpected topics—ranging from corporate interference on local politics to medical-aid-in-dying. My long-term beat, more than 20 years, has been cutting-edge, eco-friendly cars—like the experimental Volkswagen XL1 in the photo.

I’m as fascinated as ever by how technology, the built environment, and power structures impact the natural world and the local places that represent home. More likely than not, I’m busy working right now on a new project that explores these themes, wherever it takes me.

That said, I’m always open to new opportunities, so reach out to discuss how we might collaborate.

Bradley Berman