Jack Has a Plan

National PBS Broadcast – September 2024
73-minute film, 2022

The documentary, to be distributed by PBS, tells the incredible story of Jack Tuller, a man who had a terminal brain tumor for 25 years. When Jack decides to finally (and legally) end his life, his family and friends struggle to accept his decision. The film documents his three-year quest to die a happy man, culminating in a permanent going-away party.

The personal documentary was screened in nearly 50 film festivals throughout North America. It garnered 20 best-of-fest and best-documentary-feature awards.

For more information, visit JackDocumentary.com.

 “It’s as joyous, thrilling, and funny as any film about death could be.”

- San Francisco Examiner
“JACK HAS A PLAN is a life-affirming true story about living your life to the fullest and learning to reconcile with a past no matter how painful it might be.”
- San Jose Mercury News
“If dying is indeed an art, Jack Tuller is Picasso.”
- Meier Movies
“By the time it’s over, we feel we really have gotten to know this amazing person, and even though he’s gone now, the experience is a pure pleasure.”
- Combustible Celluloid